Abloom Design Ltd., 100% Export Oriented Knit Garments Industry.

Employee welfare:

Our sense of social responsibility is reflected through our keen effort towards employee welfare abiding by all applicable national laws.

Health Care:

A sound health is the first condition to have the best performance. Therefore, we always keep the production area very neat & clean. We provide pure drinking water for the workers. And for any unexpected situation or accident we have made an emergency volunteer team who will control the situation. We have the arrangement of first-aid box in every floor for initial treatment. We have appointed an MBBS doctor and paramedics to treat the worker’s health.

Work Study Department:

Work Study plays a vital role for the company’s growth & development in this competitive business world. Realizing the importance of work study, we have recruited some work study officers who calculate the overall production capacity, train-up the workers to be more skilled, examine the worker’s performance and efficiency.